Museo civico di Argenta

Via G.B. Aleotti, 46, Argenta (Ferrara)

The Civic Museum was reopened to the public after major construction of the former St. Dominic's Church. The first core was formed here in 1973 with paintings,...

Ecomuseo: Museo delle Valli di Argenta

Via Cardinala, 1/c - loc. Campotto, Argenta (Ferrara)

Didactic Museum that outlining the features of the natural environment of the area of the Valleys of Argenta and Campotto, through the analysis of their evolution...

Ecomuseo: Museo della bonifica di Argenta

Via Saiarino, 1 - loc. Campotto, Argenta (Ferrara)

The Museum represents a milestone for the knowledge of the territory, strongly tied to reclamation. The visit includes an exhibition of Saiarino scooping plant and...


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