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San Nicola Arcella, a little corner of paradise

San Nicola Arcella overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea and is situated between Praia a Mare and Scalea. It has a very long and wide coastline which is characterized by gray and fine sand which is caressed by the clear waters that range from intense turquoise to

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The Tomatoes from Belmonte, a "giant" in the kitchen for Summer

A typical product of a village surrounded by the Tyrrhenian SeaIt seems evident that it is nicknamed "the giant" because of its size. The Belmonte tomato takes...

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Sibari's Rice the best rice in Italy

Which is the best rice in Italy? It is not found in Vercelli, but in Calabria! The Rice of Sibari – this real treasure of Calabria has conquered the national...


The legend of the Fantastica from San Fili, a witch town

Located a few kilometers away from the City of Bruzi - in the direction of Paola - before heading towards the sea to visit the town of the Patron Saint of Calabria,...


The Calabrian Walk of Santiago

It is also possibile to find a shorter Walk of Santiago in Calabria. It is the one that crosses the green heart of the Sila, on the traces of the Abbot Gioacchino da...


Le Castella, a magical place in Calabria

There is a magical place in Calabria specifically located in the province of Crotone.  It is Le Castella, where the cry "Mamma li turchi!"  is heard, and where The...

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Badolato, the village of foreigners

There is a tiny village in Calabria where the culture of hospitality and historical-architectural reconstruction represent an internationally recognized brand. We're...

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The Red Onion of Tropea 

The Red Onion of Tropea has become famous all over the world and has become part of the foundation of the many culinary delicacies of Italy. It is protected by the...