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MARCA - Museo delle Arti Catanzaro

Where Via Alessandro Turco, 63, Catanzaro

The MARCA was born in 2008, as a complex multifunctional museum where they can live together different art, from ancient to contemporary language. The Museum is located in the premises of an old building that before the restoration (targeted precisely to put completely new to the home to accommodate the aforementioned museum), housed a school for deaf-mutes and a print shop. The building is located in the historic center of Catanzaro and is organized on three levels. The building is surrounded by a large garden and courtyard, while the terrace offers views of the city skyline. The current Museum exhibition is divided into three rooms and consists of a remarkable collection of works dating from between '500 and '900, which are added those of the Foundation wheel which takes its name from one of the greatest masters of the last century, Mimmo Rotella. On the ground floor have been remodeled Art Gallery and Gallery of plaster casts of the Province with about 120 works, including paintings and sculptures. On the first floor you will find the permanent collection of the wheel and rooms dedicated to temporary exhibitions. The basement houses the multipurpose center of contemporary culture.

MARCA - Museo delle Arti Catanzaro c
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