Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo De Nobili

Where Via Giovanni Jannoni, 68, Catanzaro

Located in south-east of the city center, is Town Hall since 1863. Original patrician Palace was built in the early nineteenth century by Emanuele De Nobili. The building received with great pomp Joseph Bonaparte. When Palace became official seat of the city Government, it was enlarged and embellished. The most valuable rooms are Council Hall, decorated with frescoes by Tarcisio Bedini that reflect some key moments of the city's history; Hall of Representation that, embellished with stucco walls and a coffered ceiling in wood at the center of which stands the city coat of arms (painted by Guido Parentela), houses a gallery of oil portraits of the mayors, some of them signed by Cefaly, Pileggi and Parentela; Hall of Commissions, with frescoes by master Sandro Russo (1995).

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