Luogo - Museum

Museo Archeologico e Numismatico Provinciale

Where Villa Margherita, Catanzaro

Provincial Archaeological Museum was founded in 1863. It's located inside Villa regina Margherita and is home of a thousand of archaeological finds relating to Iron and Bronze Age, Greek, Roman, early Christian period and thousands of coins. The collections are divided into two rooms: room "A" opens the exhibition with three windows that summarize early life of "Museum of Villa", in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. These findings alongside those from Catanzaro and Tiriolo, of great importance for the history of the territory. The hall houses numismatic exhibitors where it can observe coins of Ancient Greece, Sicily, Brett, Roman, Byzantine, Norman-Swabian and modern. The hall "B" offers a vast panorama of archaeological collections that document, since Prehistory to late antiquity, archaeological research conducted in Province of Catanzaro. Rounding out the exhibition three marble heads of unknown origin and two copies in bronze of "Knight of Petelia", fragment of equestrian statue discovered in the last decades of the '800 in the resort Pianete di Strangoli (second century AC), and beautiful "Helmel from Tiriolo "(IV century AC).

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