Luogo - Religious building

Basilica dell'Immacolata

Where Corso G. Mazzini, Catanzaro

Immaculate Conception's Basilica is the place of worship dearest to Catanzaro. Built in 1254 in the heart of the city, Church has suffered since 1750 an extensive renovation and expansion: two aisles were added to the main one and a dome, characterized by octagonal shape outside and cylindrica inside. The bell tower was rebuilt in the twentieth century. The interior has a Latin cross with several chapels, each of which belonged to noble families of the city that have adorned with altars in polychrome marble and stucco. Among the works of art, a wooden statue of St. Rocco by Neapolitan manufacture; eighteenth-century wooden statues of St. Joseph, Addolorata, St. Michael and St. Alphonsus from suppressed St. Catherine's Church.

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