Luogo - Archaeological Area

Complesso Nuragico Romanzesu

Where Unnamed Road, Bitti (Nuoro)

Romanzesu constitutes one of the most important housing and worship of Sardinia Nuragic complex, with hundreds of huts, five worship a well temple and four megaron and a large ceremonial enclosure. It is built with local granite. The area is developed around the well temple, built in the rock from whose clefts gushing spring water. It has access ladder and circular chamber (diameter 3.40 m, height 3.60 m) built with regular rows of carefully machined units. The floor is paved and a counter-seat runs along the perimeter of the wall. The well were associated three betilini discovered at N and S of the structure. A sort of corridor with steps, marked by some menhirs, connects well with a large circular bath terraced steps (diameter 14 m), with flagstone floor, perhaps destined to ritual ablutions, where he collected the flood water from the spring. The pit area returned materials of Late Bronze Age (IX-XIII BC). The four megaron temples and the fence are located in the village area, on the gentle slope next to the well.

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Bitti (Sardinian: Vitzi) is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Nuoro in the Italian region Sardinia, located about 140 kilometres (87 mi) north of Cagliari...

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