Luogo - Archaeological Area

Villaggio Nuragico di Serra Orrios

Where Strada Provinciale 38, Lula (Nuoro)

Nuragic village of Serra Orrios, one of the largest and best preserved of Sardinia, is made up of about a hundred huts, among which there are simple circular and more complex, composed of different environments, always circular, connected between them. The huts are grouped into blocks served by streets and squares where you will also find placing public wells for daily needs of the villagers. They are also present in the village two sacred areas, each characterized by the presence of a megaron with rectangular plant formed by antecella with protruding doors and a longitudinal cell with axial input. Of the two templars areas, the first is separated from the town by a massive circular enclosure, in which it opens the entrance of the town, while the second, whose temple is perfectly preserved as regards the walls, is located within the village, and is separated from the houses by a rectangular temenos (sacred enclosure). Village, for conspicuity of its size and for urban organization may well be called a proto-urban settlement. The many finds discovered during the excavations, now in Archaeological Museum of Dorgali, allowed to freeze the chronology to the period from Middle Bronze Age to Bronze Age.

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