Luogo - Archaeological Area

Complesso nuragico Sa Sedda' e Sos Carros

Where Strada Provinciale 46, Oliena (Nuoro)
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Set in one of Sardinia%u2019s most beautiful landscapes in the Lanaitto valley, the village Sa Sedda e Sos Carros (literally %u201Cpassage point of carts%u201D) dates back to a period between the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age (12th- 9th century BC). This village had a great importance for smelting activity and metal manufacture during the Nuragic age. 

Among round and oval huts, one is particularly interesting for its architecture and its ritual and religious function. It is a circular room called %u201Cfont%u201D, whose internal wall is built of square bicoloured blocks (white limestone and dark basalt) with a finished floor. On the walls are high- relief mouflon heads with a hole from which water, from a cavity in the wall, could gush into the circular monolithic basin in the middle of the floor.

Near the hut, a big round structure was used as basin for ceremonial ablution. Probably domestic religious rites with holy water had place in this room. Afterwards this place became a store- room for bronze objects, perhaps near a smelting workshop.


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