Luogo - Castle

Castello della Fava

Where Colle di Posada, Posada (Nuoro)
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The Castello della Fava (literally %u201Ccastle of the broad bean%u201D) rises on a high ground near the sea, overhanging the town of Posada. Probably built in the 13th century, in Medieval times it was involved in important historical events for its strategic position on the border between the Giudicato di Gallura and the Giudicato d%u2019Arborea. The only visible remains of the castle are a square tower and part of the walls. This monument was named after a legend: a handful of broad beans, given by a pigeon, deceived the Saracens during the siege of Posada in 1300. In fact the Saracens, thinking they still had stores of food, abandoned the siege.

Partially accessible to disabled people.

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