F. Solimena, Madonna del Gonfalone c

Museo Diocesano

Piazza Duomo, Aversa, (Caserta)

The visit begins in the ambulatory, where there are works that mark the evolution in time and style of the building of the Cathedral: frescoes, sculptures, tombstones, zoomorphic capitals, altars and paintings. Significant, the Romanesque portal of Nymphios, the marble slabs of St. George with the Dragon and the Elephant; the tombs of bishops and Balduino Manzolo and Giorgio dei Balduinis; Renaissance tables, among which, the "Triptych of St. Michael", by Antoniazzo Romano school; works of the sixteenth century, as the "Nativity" by Pietro Negroni and Girolamo Cardillo, and Mannerist. The works of the second group are located in the so-called Room of Loreto, of Baldacchino and St. Sebastian: the first exhibits at the center of the "Madonna of the Banner", by Francesco Solimena, as well as relics (XVI-XVII century), silver and vestments from the Sacred Treasures of the Cathedral; in the second room, the large silver throne by A. Guariniello, 1755, and documentaries and liturgical memorabilia; finally, the last room has a thematic review on the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, patron of the cities.


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