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Reggia di Carditello

Where San Tammaro (Caserta)

Royal Estate of Carditello, also called Real Carditello or, with reference to the building therein, Palace of Carditello, was part of a group of 22 sites of royal dynasty of Bourbons of Naples places in "Land of Work": these sites were not just simple entertainment venues (especially for hunting) of Bourbon royal family and his court, because it is important to note, that in some cases constituted real businesses, entrepreneurship expression inspired by Enlightenment ideas in vogue in those days. They are cited for example the holdings of Fagianeria of Caiazzo, the production of silk in San Leucio, fishing Fusaro, herds in Persano estate and State Property of Calvi. The mansion project, by architect Francesco Collecini, a student of Luigi Vanvitelli, also includes a dirt track destined to horses and inspired by the shape of Roman circus, with fountains, obelisks and a round temple. Today ancient paintings have finally been studied and reconstructed by art historian Maria Carmela Masi and the whole architectural complex appears to us in all its renewed splendor.

Immagine descrittiva - CC BY-SA Di GMSMLF at it.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Collegamento c
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