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Museo d'Arte Contemporanea

Where Largo San Sebastiano, 10; sede distaccata: Real Belvedere di San L, Caserta

The mission of the museum is deeply tied to the land, the history and the artists who have worked in it; In fact, it aims to retrace the history of contemporary art in Terra di Lavoro since the war. In this mission was joined by a more open vision that is able to convey the territory of the new trends in contemporary art. In what is the fundamental relationship with the territory. The site chosen for the permanent collection is the Center of Social and Cultural Sant 'Agostino. The provision of the service at the St. Augustine museum is complete with a variety of activities grouped into three types. The first is related to the use and exploitation of the permanent collection, the second to the creation of a library specializing in art history and a document archive for contemporary art, and finally, the third, to be accomplished through educational activities and workshops. In addition to these basic services, focusing on the connection between territory, originality, contemporary art, man and the environment, it is foreseen a vision of extremely flexible and adaptable to changing conditions the result of the need to keep pace with the times in 'era of globalization. The promotion of new trends and new generations are two points of reference through the artistic program you want to promote. Branch of the Museum: The "Spinning Mill Cypresses" and "Cuculliera" The Real Belvedere di San Leucio and specifically the "Spinning Mill Cypresses" and "Cuculliera", with a very deep ideological connotations, more specifically related to a 'image of creativity is innovative (design and fashion) are preparing to be points of reference, not only for the region but for the whole world of art. The new vocation as a museum to the halls of the Royal Belvedere di San Leucio represents the link between the artistic program that you intend to pursue and the philosophy and aesthetics of the greek world, ancestral source from which to draw for the contemporary. The museum visit: except for the collection of the "Caserta club" almost entirely exposed, it was decided to introduce visitors to an exhibition thematically, with the intention to retrace the history of art since the war casertana , followed by a rotation related to the curatorial aesthetic choices.

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