Luogo - Museum

Museo Diocesano

Where Piazza Duomo, Aversa (Caserta)

The visit begins in the ambulatory, where there are works that mark the evolution in time and style of the building of the Cathedral: frescoes, sculptures, tombstones, zoomorphic capitals, altars and paintings. Significant, the Romanesque portal of Nymphios, the marble slabs of St. George with the Dragon and the Elephant; the tombs of bishops and Balduino Manzolo and Giorgio dei Balduinis; Renaissance tables, among which, the "Triptych of St. Michael", by Antoniazzo Romano school; works of the sixteenth century, as the "Nativity" by Pietro Negroni and Girolamo Cardillo, and Mannerist. The works of the second group are located in the so-called Room of Loreto, of Baldacchino and St. Sebastian: the first exhibits at the center of the "Madonna of the Banner", by Francesco Solimena, as well as relics (XVI-XVII century), silver and vestments from the Sacred Treasures of the Cathedral; in the second room, the large silver throne by A. Guariniello, 1755, and documentaries and liturgical memorabilia; finally, the last room has a thematic review on the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, patron of the cities.

F. Solimena, Madonna del Gonfalone c
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