Luogo - Museum

Raccolta Manzù

Where Via Laurentina, Km 32, Ardea (Roma)

Dedicated to the sculptor Manzù, the Museum houses the works he donated to the Italian State in 1979. The Museum has a substantial collection of sculptures, jewelry, medals, drawings, engravings and theatrical sketches (461 pieces in all), most for the period of maturity of the Master (1950-1970). Some examples of the early years of the artist, such as bronze bas-relief "Adam and Eve" (1929), or the "David" (1939), join to the most famous "Cardinals", of the late '50s, and its famous "Crucifixion". The "Holy Doors" in Salzburg (1958) and Rotterdam (1968) are represented by two sketches, while the "St. Peter" (1964) it can see the studs with symbols of animals golden. More recently the "Fruit Basket", obvious homage to Caravaggio. A partiere since 1954, the year of the meeting of Giacomo Manzù with Inge Schnabel, develops the theme of "the painter and his model", his future wife.

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