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Museo di Villa Ferrajoli

Where viale Risorgimento, 3, Albano Laziale (Roma)

The Museum is located in the elegant neoclassical building of Villa Ferrajoli. The 23 rooms narrate the history of the territory of Albano from the Prehistoric age up until the Renaissance period. The first rooms are dedicated to the Prehistoric age and offer a picture of the paleoenvironment that characterised the Volcano of Lazio region during the Quaternary and Tertiary periods, with a selection of materials from the Palaeolithic age. Room V is dedicated to the Latium civilisation attested to in the medium Bronze Age, and all the materials from the submerged lacustrine village found in the Lake of Albano are on display. The materials exhibited in room VI belong instead to the Apennine civilisation of the hut village on Colle della Mola. Among the productions of the Archaic and Middle-Republican ages, there are the ex voto from the sanctuary discovered on the northwest bank of Lake Albano, the head of the Latin Warrior in polychrome terracotta, and materials from the votive offerings of Monte Savello and via Sant’Ambrogio. The Republican and Imperial periods are documented through materials from the numerous villas built within the territory, including the villa attributed to Pompey the Great. In room XIX there is a selection of marble objects (sculptures, portraits and sarcophagi), as well as some anchors found in the lake. In addition, the Museum contains a graphic collection documenting the original aspect of the ancient monuments of Albano. The 18th century production is the most important part of the collection and it includes a section of the works by Giovan Battista Piranesi.

Museo di Villa Ferrajoli c
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