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Antiquarium comunale

Where via antonio gramsci, 5, Nettuno (Roma)

The Antiquarium was established by the Nettuno Town Council in April 1975 to collect archaeological, historical, artistic and bibliographic material concerning the town. Since 1999, it has been housed inside the Forte Sangallo, where the itinerary crosses the phases of natural, prehistoric, protohistoric and historic evolution of the territory through fossils, and paleontological, archaeological and ethnological finds, displayed in showcases with the aid of explanatory panels, thematic maps, drawings and photographs. In particular, the Antiquarium preserves Paleolithic (lower, middle and upper) finds, lacrymatories, lamellae and precious pottery. The nature section preserves Tertiary and Quaternary fossil malacology finds and is divided into four sections: Malacology, Prehistory, Protohistory and History.

Antiquarium comunale c
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