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Museo Lanuvino

Where Piazza della Maddalena, 16, Lanuvio (Roma)
In 2001 the Museum returned to the ground floor of the Town Hall, where it had originally been since the end of the 19th century. Unfortunately, the catastrophic events of the last World War also destroyed the museum and part of the collection. In fact, while the Town Hall building was being refurbished, only a small number of the finds ordered by Monsignor Alberto Galieti, director from 1912 until 1944, were found. The current exhibition spaces host a pre-Roman and Roman section, an epigraphic section, a Lanuvio Mediaeval and contemporary history section, and a section about everyday life in ancient times. Among the exhibits, it is worth mentioning a beautiful fresco dating back to the Augustan age (20-10 B.C.) with Dionysian themes, some marble fragments belonging to the equestrian sculpture unit attributed to Licinio Murena (1st century B.C.), a marble parapet representing a winged gryphon dating back to the mid-2nd century A.D., as well as a series of Archaic and Hellenistic age architectonical sheets and votive offerings, recently donated by the Dionigi-Frediani-Lazzarini family, which come from the area of the Sanctuary of Giunone Sospita. Noteworthy is also a collection of photos of the excavations of the Sanctuary and Juno Temple that were carried out in 1884-92 and 1914-15 respectively, and some archaeological remains that perhaps belong to the balineum (baths) of ancient Lanuvium, which are included and given value inside the Museum itself.
Museo Lanuvino c
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