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Museo di geopaleontologia e preistoria dei Colli albani

Where via Goffredo Mameli, 4, Velletri (Roma)
In five sections (Geology, Palaeontology, Anthropology, Prehistory and Protohistory), the museum narrates the main events that have characterised the most remote history of the Colli Albani territory, and the transformations that the landscape, animal and plant world have suffered before becoming the habitat we enjoy today. Designed for a public that is heterogeneous, with different ages, languages, education and cultures, the itinerary uses various communication instruments alongside exhibition materials and classical description panels, reconstructions, "showcases with drawers", videos and spectacular settings. The Museum wants to help the visitors use all their senses: seeing, hearing and touching, becoming involved and above all being interested – an experience to be remembered and told. Actually, the Museum gives a preference to the tactile sense to allow even visually impaired visitors to make the journey through the origins of the territory and to give everyone the memory of a museum that has been experimented and not suffered. The decidedly educational set-up offered favours interactivity with visitors and explains very complex topics through the presentation of paleontological and archaeological materials, with particularly rich explanatory-photographic equipment, and the aid of a Kids Itinerary, an illustrated itinerary for younger visitors.
Museo di geopaleontologia e preistoria dei Co c
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