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Museo della Città e del Territorio

Where via G. Matteotti, Lariano (Roma)
The Museum is housed in the monumental complex of Sant’Oliva, which includes the remains of a Roman temple (3rd-2nd century B.C.), a mediaeval church (first half of the 12th century), and a renaissance convent with sculptures and frescoes among the most remarkable of the Roman countryside (1467-1480). The museum proposes the historical evolution of the Lepini Mountains over a period of more than 35 centuries, in eight chronological and thematic sections from prehistory to the modern age. The contemporary landscape is read and interpreted in its historical dimension as the stratification of natural and cultural events, the product of the interaction between man and environment. The layout covers three floors, and includes a collection of over 800 original objects between inscriptions, statues, ceramics and bronzes from prehistory to the Roman imperial age, Mediaeval and Renaissance ceramics, archive documents from the Renaissance to the modern age, 18th and 19th century prints, over 30 faithful copies of vases, bronzes, statues, inscriptions and coins not acquired from public and private collections, 4 models, over 150 large and giant format photographic reproductions of monuments, frescoes, sculptures, historic cartographies, aerial and satellite shots; different cartographic elaborations; over 100 explanatory panels with more than 500 illustrations; televisions and a mega-screen with original and repertoire videos about the history and art of the Lepini area.
Museo della Città e del Territorio c
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