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Where corso della Repubblica, 347, Velletri (Roma)

The current Diocesan Museum of Velletri originates from the Capitolare Museum, founded in 1927 by Cardinal Pompili and housed in the Chapter House) of the Cathedral. The new premises, inaugurated in 2000, are located in the 17th century wing of the Bishop’s Palace, completely renovated to house the collection. The exhibition space is divided into four rooms and a large hall dedicated to the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions. The works are of various typologies, mainly jewels and fabrics, ordered chronologically in the first two rooms, panel paintings in the third and fourth rooms, and lastly, great altarpieces on canvas exhibited in the large hall. Worth noting: the Crux Veliterna of the Palermo circle which dates back to the first half of the 12th century; fragments of the St. Benedict's “paenula” (travelling-cloak); Madonna with Child and angels of the Roman period by Gentile da Fabriano; Visitazione by the Sienese Bicci di Lorenzo; Madonna with Child by Antoniazzo Romano; Trasporto della santa Casa di Loreto by Giovan Battista Rositi, collaborator of Melozzo; and Madonna of the rosary by Sebastiano Conca.

Museo diocesano c
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