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Museo archeologico

Where Via di Villa Adele, 2, Anzio (Roma)
Located on the ground floor of the 17th century Villa Pamphilj, the Museum has nine rooms. The most representative moments of the development and life of the ancient Antium are exhibited along the exhibition itinerary through three levels that can be interrelated according to the interests of the visitors: materials, information notes, literary, historical and documentary sources. Attention is therefore focused on the most important monuments and the topography of the town, everyday life, the port, the imperial villa and the other residences of the Anzio coast, and the rediscovery of the antiquity of Anzio. Worthy of note are the protohistoric burial objects (9th-8th centuries B.C.); two nuclei of votive offering material dating back to the Middle Republican period; underwater finds; a cycle of garden-type illustrated plasters with grill-work parapet and small balconies facing a luxuriant vegetation animated by different species of birds (second half of the 2nd century A.D.); and the mosaic niche dating back to the period of Nero with the Ercole ebbro of Palazzo Massimo in Rome. Exhibitions dedicated to the archaeological heritage of Anzio scattered in the main Italian and European museums, are organised almost every year at the Museum. The activities of the Museum include intense cycles of educational activities, also of an experimental nature. Apart from the activity at the Museum, Presidi di Cultura Museale (PCM - Museum Culture Centres) have recently been introduced; these are information points present every week in the shopping centres of the town in order to bring the inhabitants closer to the Museum and the cultural heritage of Anzio.
Museo archeologico c
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