Luogo - Castle

Castello Normanno Svevo

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Located on the top of the town, in a strategic position, Morano Castle dominated the whole valley of ancient Sybaris. Its origins date back to Roman times, when a first fort was erected or a watch tower, which served as a base for the construction of Norman-Swabian era. The most important interventions date back to the early sixteenth century, at the behest of the feudatory Pietrantonio Sanseverino, who recalled from Naples the most skilled workers. Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the castle was seriously compromised by the bombing by French army and subject to complete spoliation. Today it is possible to admire the ruins, which still suggest the 18th-century conformation, with a square plan, surrounded by six cylindrical towers (of which the central and the left ones survive in full), surrounded by rivulets and moats. It is estimated to have the capacity of a garrison of a thousand men.

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