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Museo archeologico Lavinium

Where Pratica di Mare, loc. Borgo di Pratica, Pomezia (Roma)
The “Lavinium” Archaeological Museum is located not far from the mediaeval village that stands on the ancient city of Lavinium, founded by the mythical Trojan hero Aeneas. The Museum illustrates the close connection between Lavinium and its mythical founder. An entire section showing the themes of his journey and the type of boat used by his contemporaries around 1200 B.C., is dedicated to Aeneas. The exhibits and the illustrative apparatuses tend above all to highlight the religious atmosphere that surrounded the ancient Latium centre. In fact, the main themes developed along the itinerary are the great sanctuaries of Minerva and the 13th century altars. It is an innovative Museum, where the traditional exhibition lives together with the most innovative multimedia technologies; the technological instruments and the model reconstructions throw light on invisible historical data and make them clear. The ancient world is in perfect synergy with the modern world and each archaeological find becomes the protagonist of a true work of entertainment aimed at providing detailed knowledge of the past.
Museo archeologico Lavinium c
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