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Museo delle Carrozze d'Epoca

Where via Andrea Millevoi, 693, Roma

The Private Museum "Permanent Exhibition - The Vintage Carriage" exposes 159 vintage vehicles, part of a collection that boasts about 600 carriages. Among the pieces on display, it can admire the chariots used in the movie "Ben Hur" and "Gladiator"; Sedan children belonged to Princess Sissi; Landau used by Pope Wojtyla to go skiing in Poland; the original wagon with Napoleonic cannon appeared in the movie "The Baron of Manchausen"; tanks of World War I; caravans symbol of adventures in the West, sledges, coaches, rickshaws, eastern carriages, farm wagons and coupes. The "Hall of the Horse" is a full exposure with many trappings, such as those used for the diligence of the movie "Red Shadows." The Museum promotes dissemination activities and teaching through a study center for fans and researchers.

Museo delle carrozze d'epoca c
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