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Mausoleo delle Fosse Ardeatine

Where Via Ardeatina, 174, Roma
The mausoleum is located near the quarries where March 24, 1944 was perpetrated the massacre of 335 civilians in retaliation for the bombing of Rosella Street, preserves artifacts, journals, documents, memorabilia and photographs relating to the German occupation of Rome (1943 -1944). The museum also exhibits located inside helmets, hats, machine guns and pistols of the SS and drawings by the architect Giuseppe Perugini to the shrine (1944-1951).
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The ANFIM (National Association of Italian Family Martyrs) free guided tours of the mausoleum. In the head office of the association (via Montecatini 8) you can display library, archive photo and video library.
To reach the Mausoleum of Ardeatine you can take the Metro A (Anagnina) or bus n '714 to Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano. From here, take the line 218 with stop Ardeatine. From the Metro Line B (direction Laurentina) get off at the Circus Maximus and continue with line 118 (direction Lagonegro) to stop the Catacombs of San Callisto.
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