Luogo - Archaeological Area

Villa Damecuta

Where Via Amedeo Maiuri, Anacapri (Napoli)

The Roman Villa is set on the Anacapri. Quite well preserved, it is characterized by an area intended to belvedere, a residential neighborhood with triclinium, and a private sector. The terrace is spread along the edge of the esplanade, and consists of a long ambulatio loggia with arches and pillars, followed by a second raised curved portion. In the first section, the external loggia, originally covered by a small porch with columns, matched within a second ambulatio, equipped with seats for rest. At the lodge opens a luxurious residential area. Under the Medieval tower there is an alcove, preceded by a vestibule and a terrace; while to the west, there are two large areas of living. In a cubiculum (bedroom) of this area it was found a torso of naked male statue and some remains of the mosaic floor, while the conduits for channeling are kept on the vast plateau.


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