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Museo del Centro Caprense "Ignazio Cerio"

Where P.tta Ignazio Cerio, 5, Capri (Napoli)

The Museum is housed in the historic Cerio Palace, built in 1372 by Count Giacomo Arcucci. Originates from the activity of Ignazio Cerio (Giulianova Abruzzo 1840 - Capri 1921), physician and collector of fossils, rocks, plants and archaeological finds, the Museum, originally, was a family museum that became public in 1949, with the birth of the Caprense Center "I. Cerio". It consists of four rooms: the "Geo-paleontological Room", an overview of the geological evolution of Capri, with fossil and fauna from the Pleistocene, found during the excavation of the Quisisana Hotel (1905), at the Ferns's Cave, Vascio 'o Funno Cave and Charterhouse; the "Paletnological Room", with prehistoric findings on the island; the "Room of Classical Archaeology", which exhibits Greek and Roman remains from the Benner-Pagano and Celio collections; the "Room of Biology", with numerous marine and terrestrial animal organisms (Blue Lizard from the Faraglioni, rare shells and corals).

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