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Where Capri (Napoli)

The Faraglioni are three rocky peaks located south-east of the island, one of the symbols, famous all over the world. Each of them is identified by its proper name: the first, to the mainland, is the "Faraglione of Earth"; the second, is the "Middle Faraglione"; while the third, towards the sea, is the "Outside Faraglione", famous as the only habitat in the world for the legendary Capri Blue Lizard (Podarcis siculus coeruleus). There is also a fourth stack, called "Monacone's Rock", which stands behind the three best-known. The name comes from "marine oxen", a seal species that has populated the rock until 1904 (its termination date). According to legend, the Rock would host the remains of the tomb of Masgaba, the architect of the Emperor Augustus. The faraglioni are mentioned by Virgil in the Aeneid, about the "Myth of the Sirens." From the geological point of view, they are the only visible part of an extensive underground system (up to 15 meters). The natural gallery of "Middle Faraglione" is also known thanks to many movies, among which, the second "Fantozzi", by Paolo Villaggio.

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