Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale dei Santi Filippo e Giacomo (Duomo)

Where Via Santa Maria della Pietà, 44, Sorrento (Napoli)

The church, built on the remains of ancient Greek temple, overlooks Piazza del Vescovado and has a neo-Gothic facade, built in 1924. The upper part of the facade has a border decorated with battlements and a rose window in central part. The interior is Latin cross, with three naves separated by 14 pillars and a flat ceiling, decorated with paintings in Baroque style depicting the 2nd century Sorrentine martyrs, works by Francesco Francareccio and Oronzo and Nicola Malinconico. Above the entrance is a carved organ, commissioned in 1901 to Fiorentino brothers. The ceiling of the presbytery is characterized by the eighteenth-century paintings by Giacomo del Pò. On the right side there is a chapel with marble bas-reliefs created by Andrea Pisano, depicting the apostles and Redeemer, and baptismal font in which, in 1544, Torquato Tasso was baptized. Worthy of note is episcopal chair made with Roman marbles, and the pulpit of the sixteenth century, resting on angular marble columns that culminate with Doric capitals. The bell tower, detached from the church, rests on a Romanesque base and is decorated with columns, arches, frames, niches and a clock with ceramic tiles.

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