Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di San Luca Evangelista

Where Via Duomo, 1, Praiano (Salerno)

It is located on the upper part of town, overlooking the coast from Capo Sottile. A group of tombstones found under the floor at work, dated 1537 and 1587 confirm that, in the early 1500s, the Church was already similar in size to the current ones. The earliest records date back to the eleventh century, and by the discovery of columns and capitals of the previous building, it can be deduced that it was smaller and of a different form. The facade of the Church is simple: on each of the two side doors we find a window in Baroque style. The main entrance is dominated by a central window and an eighteenth-century majolica panel depicting St. Luke. The Church, a Latin cross in the Romanesque style, has three naves, the central one is covered by a barrel vault, while the two side, cross lowered and include six chapels. Date back to the eighteenth century stucco and interior decorations. In 1790 it was laid the terracotta tiled floor of the Neapolitan school, with drawings of fine workmanship.

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