Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di San Gennaro

Where Via San Nicola, 1, Praiano (Salerno)

Only example of Baroque architecture in coastal, built on the remains of a primitive church, smaller and more dedicated to St. Gennaro, which both have news since 1300. The current one was completed in 1602. The Church has a Latin cross, with the once the central barrel resting on five arches on each side. In the central vault, rich of stucco, St. Gennaro is depicted in relief. The dome was covered with majolica tiles, while the interior was enriched with stucco and a terracotta tiled floor with white geometric designs and themed animal and plant (1771-1776). The adjoining bell tower was completed in 1816. Of the same period is also the sacristy with an octagonal dome and lowered, known as the St. Gennaro's Chapel. Three bronze portals have replaced the original wooden. In 1931 the facade was redone.

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