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Certosa di San Giacomo - "Museo K. W. Diefenbach"

Where via Certosa, Capri (Napoli)

The complex of the St. James Charterhouse was built in the '300, by the will of Count Giacomo Arcucci, as evidenced by the fresco on the gateway of the church (1371), by Nicholas Thomas. The system responds to the canonical rule of the division into "Upper House" (nunnery) and "Lower House" (local service). The current appearance of the Charterhouse is the result of overlapping interventions: the building suffered serious damage and, in 1563, was the subject of significant renovations. In the seventeenth century were built the Prior and the Apothecary; in 1815 it was used as a barracks, then as hospice and home to the "V Society of Discipline" (anarchists and military misconduct). In 1927 began a comprehensive project of restoration. The Church of St. James is the dominant building of the complex, part of the original fourteenth century: a single nave divided into three bays with sequence vaults, ending in a semicircular apse of a later period. The aisles and the ceiling are fragments of frescoes dating back to '700. The Great Cloister, with round arches resting on strong pillars, represents the space reserved for the cloister, around which are arranged the twelve monks' cells, with small gardens. Outside stands the massive Baroque Clock Tower, a square base, topped by a triangular spire. The Charterhouse houses a Museum opened in 1974 and named after the symbolist painter K.W. Diefenbach (1851-1913), who lived in Capri from 1900 to his death. The Museum houses part of the Artist's collection donated by the heirs to the State: 31 paintings and 5 sculptures in plaster. There are also some statues of the Roman era, found in the Blue Cave, depicting sea gods.


From 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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