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Piazzetta (Piazza Umberto I)

Where Piazza Umberto I, Capri (Napoli)

Umberto  SquareI, simply known as "Piazzetta" and also called "Drawing roomin of the world", is the center of social life in Capri. In Greek times the Square was perched along the defensive walls, then destroyed in Roman times. At the end of the fourteenth century, under the Count Giacomo Arcucci, Capri underwent an upheaval planning, which involved a new strengthening of the defense system; only in the sixteenth century, the Square will take its distinctive square shape, though still used for exercises of defense against the raids of the Saracen pirates. In the eighteenth century, it became seat of the market, so a place of exchange and communication. The interventions of the late nineteenth century will change permanently the face of the Square, which will become an important tourist destination. Today the "Piazzetta", is in effect the center of social life, home to four renowned cafe, among them, the historic Great Vuotto Cafe (1934-1938).

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