Luogo - Archaeological Area

Villa Jovis

Where Via Tiberio, Capri (Napoli)

Villa Jovis, located at the top of the eastern cape, is an imposing Roman villa, the last residence of the emperor Tiberius. The excavations of 1935 have uncovered a vast building, which revolves around the central quadrangle in which they are located tanks. The Villa is accessible by ramps that go up to the "Avenue of the Myrtles" and end in a tetrastyle atrium with four bases of white marble. The adjacent rooms were used for the guard. A corridor with a mosaic floor leads to a second vestibule, from which it can access the upper floor, occupied by the bathroom, that consists of five areas: the calidarium (hot baths) has an apse with bathtub and another with bronze basin for washing. The plans for the servants were in the west wing. The neighborhood of the imperial residence is composed by a large semicircular hall and smaller rooms; the emperor's private accommodation, secluded from the rest of the building, was made up of three rooms: a vestibule, with a roof terrace, and two rooms with spacious windows and floors of polychrome marble inlays.


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