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Where Anacapri (Napoli)

Anacapri is a comune on the island of Capri, in the province of Naples, Italy. The Ancient Greek prefix ana means "up" or "above", signifying that Anacapri is located at a higher elevation on the island than Capri (about 150 m higher on average). Administratively, it has a separate status from the city of Capri. The most significant site in the village is the Villa San Michele. Overview French composer Claude Debussy was a regular visitor to Anacapri. He even named one of his preludes from the first book, No.5 "Les collines d'Anacapri" (The hills of Anacapri), in homage to the community. There is a bus service, via numerous hairpin bends, from Marina Grande and Capri to Anacapri. One of the tourist attractions in Anacapri is the chairlift (seggiovia) to 589-m Monte Solaro for picturesque views of the south-facing coast. Punta Carena Lighthouse is located 3 km from the main town. Notable landmarks Caprile Castello Barbarossa Belvedere della Migliera (o Migliara) Casa Rossa Chiesa di San Michele Chiesa di Santa Sofia Eremo di Santa Maria a Cetrella Le Boffe Sentiero dei fortini Phoenician Steps (Scala Fenicia) Monte Solaro Punta Carena Lighthouse Casa Cernia di Luigi Cosenza Villa Damecuta See also Blue Grotto City of Capri Capri island References

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