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Torre Annunziata

Where Torre Annunziata (Napoli)

Torre Annunziata is a thermal resort (Terme Vesuviane) and seaside resort with Marina del Sole, Marina della Salera, Marina di Rovigliano, the localities Oncino and Scogli di Prota. Headquarter of important metal and steel industries, so much to be called "Manchester of the South", is part of metropolitan area of ​​Naples and Sarno River Regional Park. Buried, with Pompeii and Herculaneum, from the eruption of Vesuvius in 79, since 1997 archaeological area of ​​Torre Annunziata is included in UNESCO list of World Heritage thanks to the splendor of Oplontis, a place marked on Tabula Peutingeriana with the symbolism used for spa sites. Terravecchia district is located in the territory of Sylva Mala ("Bosco delle tre Case") and Grazie neighborhood in the district of Nemus Regalis (Bosco Reale). The first sporadic excavations began in the seventeenth, bringing to light several buildings including one of the richest and most sumptuous Roman villas dating back to the first century BC and presumably belonged to Gens Poppea. Terme di Console Marco Crasso Frugi (64 AD) are visible along Litoranea Marconi road and inside the current Vesuvian Baths. Among the buildings of historic center, Church of Annunciation is considered the cradle of the people of Torrese, very devoted to Marian cult.

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