Luogo - Archaeological Area

Villa Romana di Sant'Antonio Abate

Where Via Casa Salese, 67, Sant'Antonio Abate (Napoli)

Roman Villa discovered in district Casa Salese, in the upper part of the town of Sant'Antonio Abate, in what was extreme limit of ager stabiano bordering Pompeii and Nuceria. Villa was discovered in 1974 and has provided archaeologists with important information on the uses and customs of Romans. It dates back to Augustan-Tiber period and probably centers around a square courtyard. Discovered area covers a large room with a farmyard protected by low stone walls and three columns, part of a porch that is not completely dug, the entrance decorated with animals, plants and mask images. From the porch you enter different rooms: one room with painted walls, a small room with the roof made by a dolio (wine vessel) used as oven and wide input compartment in which there are the remains of a wooden staircase that led to the upper floor, where was the dormitory of servants, and access to the court, where there was the kitchen. In addition to small storage room, there is also a triclinium with rectangular plant with black walls.

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