Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa Parrocchiale di Sant'Antonio Abate

Where Via Roma, 310, Sant'Antonio Abate (Napoli)

Church dating from 1801 and was completed in 1829. Many of the works come from Abbey of Santa Maria di Realvalle Scafati, including two marble holy water stoups dating back to the eighteenth century, the paintings of Deposition and Immaculate Conception and marble panels placed on the tabernacle. Church consists of a nave with a Latin cross, has four chapels which house important works of art, including a painting of Virgin of Sorrows by Giuseppe Cammarano (1828), added to a composition of fine marble. The apse is dominated by majestic altar of St. Anthony Abbot. More significant works in the church are the marble baptismal font of the second half of the twentieth century, the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows at the entrance, a pulpit and a wooden organ case, both valuable works by local artist Pasquale D'Aniello. The pulpit is placed on the right of the nave, where there is also a statue of Saint Anthony, object of great devotion.

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