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Borgo Casamale

Where Via Collegiata, 19, Somma Vesuviana (Napoli)

Borgo Casamale takes its name from the aristocrat Causamala family. The Village, although naturally protected from Somma Mount and the riverbeds "Ditch of the Lions" and "Purgatory", was surrounded by old Aragonese walls and watchtowers still well preserved, to control the access to Porta Terra, Porta San Pietro, Porta Formosa and Porta Marina. Within its walls contained, in addition to the impressive Collegiate, there are also convents and palaces, developing into a medieval plan made by narrow streets and arcades. Borgo Casamale is related to the traditional "Lamps Festival", which takes place every four years: for the occasion, around the old town is lit by oil lamps that emphasize the most charming views, while local artisans displaying their works, creating a strong link between past and present.

Borgo Casamale c
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