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Museo di Pulcinella, del Folklore e della Civiltà Contadina

Where Castello Baronale di - Piazza Castello, 1, Acerra (Napoli)

The Pulcinella Museum is headquartered in a wing of the Acerra Castle. Founded and set up by the Center of Culture "Acerra Nostra" in 1992, he reconstructs not only the materials, but also the soul and the peasant culture of the old Liburia as ground work, from which originated the same Pulcinella mask. The mask of funny and foolish countryman is a combination with Acerra from the sixteenth century. The Museum is on two entire floors and also has an archive, a library and a video library with a search section dedicated to Alfonso Maria di Nola. The section dedicated to Pulcinella winds along a route that illustrates the multiple birth of the mask: the journey and the Art Commedy; the Pulcinella's birthplace, Acerra and the symbols (suit, mask and horn), Pulcinella and the moon; Pulcinella macaroni, Pulcinella and the bosses, etc. In this section are collected and displayed original documents related to the folk traditions, literature and theater; works of ancient and modern art; costumes, masks and photos of the actors who played the character. They have also reconstructed a booth theatrical square in 1600, a Pulcinella crib and a theater of "guarattelle".

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