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Museo "Cola Filotesio"

Where via Cola, 47, Amatrice (Rieti)
Named after the versatile artist Nicola Filotesio, known as Cola dell’Amatrice, the Museum brings together particularly interesting works from the various churches of Amatrice and its hamlets. The Museum is hosted in the antique 14th century church named after Saint Maria delle Laudi, today called Sant'Emidio, whose spaces and original works (baroque altars and 15th century frescoes) the arrangement of the works is designed to enhance. The collection includes pieces from the 13th up to the 19th century: paintings, wooden sculptures, jewels, liturgical objects and vestments, and elements from processional artefacts. Noteworthy is the 13th century table with Madonna in trono col Bambino (Madonna on the throne with Child), stylistically linked to the Umbrian-Marche movement, the jewellery works of Pietro Vannini (15th century artist from Ascoli), and the Madonna con Bambino e san Giovannino (Madonna with Child and Saint John) panel by Cola Filotesio, signed and dated 1527. An archaeological section dedicated to finds discovered during the last forty years in various municipal locations is being prepared.
Museo "Cola Filotesio" c
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