Luogo - Museum

Mostra permanente degli antichi mestieri e della civiltà contadina

Where Via Roma, Norcia (Perugia)
Permanent Exhibition of the Ancient Crafts and Rural Life The Museum housing the Mostra Permanente Antichi Mestieri e Civiltà Contadina documents the culture and rural life by showing utensils and tools used in the peasants’ daily work and households. Through the collection of these items it is possible to seemingly revisit the norcino—typical butcher of Norcia—trade, the shoemaker—ciabattino—trade or the ancient facocchio—the artisan who was specialized in building, assembling and repairing cart vehicles—trade. There is also the reconstruction of the old peasant’s wine cellar and kitchen, well furnished with the old fittings. A reconstruction of a classroom from the time around the mid 1900s is also presented for the visitor.
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