Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale di Santa Maria Argentea (Duomo)

Where Piazza del Duomo, Norcia (Perugia)

The first Cathedral was built on the site where today stands the sixteenth-century fortress of Castellina. Destroyed in the sixteenth century to make way to the fortress, it was rebuilt next, but underwent several destruction because of the frequent earthquakes. Renaissance building is the only baptistery. The facade is gabled, with masonry of stone blocks and has at its center a Neoclassical portal with a triangular pediment supported by two Corinthian columns. On the sides, there are two niches with statues, each surmounted by a lancet window, and a circular rose window on top. To the right of the facade stands the bell tower of the eighteenth century. The interior is in Neoclassical style and has a three-nave with side chapels. In the last chapel on the left is a fresco of the '500 by Francesco Sparapane, depicting the "Virgin and Child with Saints Benedict and Scholastica".

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