Luogo - Museum

Museo dei mulini e delle marcite

Where Località Le Marcite, 5/6, Norcia (Perugia)
The Mills and “Le Marcite” Museum The Museo dei Mulini e delle Marcite is located in an isolated area in the rural context of the Valnerina Valley, which is called “Le Marcite” and is a locality not far from Norcia. The Museo dei Mulini e delle Marcite undoubtedly deserves a visit both for the importance of the machinery and fittings preserved inside and for the peculiarity of its ecosystem, Le Marcite, unique in all the central-southern Apennines area. The Museo dei Mulini e delle Marcite of Norcia was created in 2005, inside the ancient Cecconi Mills and reconstructs the history of the mills and that of Le Marcite of Norcia through illustrative panels and typical objects. It displays the entire cereal milling machinery, which still works perfectly, and is integrated into an environment that once again displays the fittings of a traditional mill with objects recovered in the territory. From the museum premises it is possible to walk or ride a bike along the Le Marcite meadow. This is a peculiar ecosystem, unique in the central-southern Apennines area, which was created by the irrigation system of channels and wooden pound locks built by the Benedictine monks in the 5th—6th century to flood cultivable fields. With this system of irrigation, which can change every season, it is possible to always keep the field humid during the summer and avoid freezing during the winter, making cultivation possible even during less favorable months.
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