Luogo - Religious building

Basilica di San Benedetto

Where Via Riguardati, 32, Norcia (Perugia)

It stands on what, according to tradition, was the birthplace of Saints Benedict and Scholastica, born in 480 from a noble family. The front, the side door (now walled up) and the base of the bell tower date from the late fourteenth century. The porch of the Misure was leaning against the right side of the Church to 1570. The side over the bell tower is reinforced by a speronatura by which opens a kiosk with a fresco depicting the "Madonna and Child", by late Gothic painter. The Basilica is in the shape of a Latin cross, with a single aisle. The apse and the cover are at the crossing and appear in the forms of the century reconstruction. With the restoration of the '50s has reappeared in the fourteenth high triumphal arch. Important changes were made inside during restoration and involved the paving, the altar, the new access to the archaeological criptae accommodation below.

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