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Lago di Pilato

Where lago pilato, Montemonaco (Ascoli Piceno)

Pilato Lake is a mountain lake on the high mountains, on Mount Vettore, in National Park of Sibillini. It is also known as "Lake with glasses" due to the shape of its complementary reservoirs, communicating in periods of greater water presence. In the interim period the two water mirrors resemble two bears placed in different positions. To get to lake you can start from Foce, a small fraction of Montemonaco. From here it is necessary to walk for more than two hours on a dirt road heading south, crossing Piano della Gardosa, until its end. Alternatively you can start from the town of Arquata del Tronto, from where you follow the path to get to the top of Monte Vettore; when you reach Tito Zilioli refuge you start to descend towards the valley.


It is strictly forbidden to bathe in the waters of the lake. You must keep a distance of at least 5 meters from the edge to avoid stepping on Chirocephalus eggs laid on the shore, between the dry rocks.

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