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Grotta della Sibilla

Where Via Trento, 10, Montemonaco (Ascoli Piceno)

The cave owes its name to the legend of Apennine Sibyl, according to which it was nothing but the gateway to the underground kingdom of Sibyl. Andrea da Barberino, with his chivalric novel Il Guerrin Meschino, contributed to the dissemination of the legend: tells the story of a wandering knight who went to Sibyl to find his parents. For a year, he stayed in the cave and resisted, with all his strength, to temptations. Also called "Grotta delle Fate", the cave can only be reached on foot, at 2,150 m above sea level, near the summit of Sibilla Mount.

Immagine descrittiva - CC BY Di Stefano Ciocchetti -, CC BY 2.0, c
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