Luogo - Archaeological Area

Area archeologica del Teatro romano di Ascoli Piceno

Where Via Dino Angelini, 9, Ascoli Piceno

Built on the slopes of the Hill of the Annunziata, the Roman Theater is a splendid example of ancient theater architecture. Brought to light in 1932, its origins are controversial: some say dates back to the late first century BC; for others, however, it would be of Greek origin. The Theater is historically famous because it would take place in the event that initiated the Social War (91 BC), the rebellion of Ascoli and other cities in the center-south, against Rome, to obtain citizenship. The presence of this distinctive theatrical, the maximum diameter of 95 meters, demonstrates the importance and the high cultural level of the city. The excavations of the 30s and 50s have unearthed the radial of the auditorium, the audience (orchestra), the corridor between bleachers (praecinctio) and the top of the bleachers (summa cavea). Recently restored and opened in 2010, the Theater has returned to representation and entertainment.

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