Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo

Where Piazza del Popolo, 10-16, Ascoli Piceno

The Palace is located in the city center, overlooking People's Square. It stands out for its elegant Medieval crenellated tower, next to the historic Caffè Meletti. It was built between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, with the merger of three small buildings. We have news of the construction at the end of the thirteenth century, as "Palactium Populi", home of the deputies of the working class. Subsequently, it was the seat of the powerful that they had the dominion over the city, and during the Mussolini period was the seat of the fascist party, "Casa del Littorio". In the fourteenth century it was shaped in its current form: Cola dell'Amatrice realized the design of the facade, characteristic for the portals in travertine and jutting windows. In Christmas 1535, some rebels belonging to the noble families of Guiderocchi, Malaspina and Parisani, barricaded themselves in the building making it scene of tragic events: to end the revolt, became the burning building for two days, the damage was incalculable and Elders deliberated its new, necessary restoration. In 1546, it was made the main portal in honor of Paul III, who had brought peace to Ascoli, honored with a statue in a niche above the archway. In 1549, Camillo Merli built the new staircase and the central courtyard inside, with arcades stacked and supported by elegant travertine columns. In 1860, with the annexation of the Marche region to the Kingdom of Italy, the monument became State property. Since then, the Palace met only changes in ownership, until the acquisition by the Municipality in 1902. Inside there is the Region Hall, seat of the Council of One Hundred, whose ceiling is decorated with twelve wooden painted panels (XVIII-XIX century). On the third floor, there is the Hall of Coats of Arms, which is named after the band frescoed running along all four walls and plays aristocratic emblems.

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